A Summer Olaf birthday party

Wonder Boy was an instant fan of Frozen from when we saw it in the theater. His passion waned as kindergarten friends deemed it ‘for girls’ and Big Hero 6 eclipsed all.

As Lil’ Wonder got big enough to sit and watch some/most of a movie, he began asking for Frozen over. And over. And over.

All I had to do was play ‘Let it Go’ and any baby and toddler crisis was averted – tears dried on cheeks, anger dissipated, hunger forgot itself long enough for me to create a snack plate.

And Wonder Boy would join in.

So even though it was Mr. Wonder’s turn to plan a party for him,  I hijacked it since there was a perfect them going on.

I wanted a few things. I needed it easy, I needed it to be fun and inclusive, and I wanted it toddler friendly. We had 4 toddlers and babies and 4 big brothers and sisters. Everyone had a blast with a sand box,  Jell-o play dough (handmade from Modern Parents Messy Kids – we had berry, lemon and cherry- scented play dough.

So a $25 purchase on Amazon for plates, napkins, cups, balloons and a plastic tablecloth for a small outdoor table was the only ‘party’ purchase I made.



The wall clings were picked out so Lil’ Wonder can have them in his room after the party – but I have been to lazy to take them down yet.


Lil’ Wonder adored his cake. I used Smitten Kitchen’s Swiss Buttercream recipe and it worked out wonderfully, even though I had never made the recipe before and started his cake at 10 p.m. since I was alone with the kids that night.

Ire ally wish i had earlier sleepers – neither of them are asleep before 9 p.m.



I had already spent some time trying to find Olaf gear and had decided to aim for bright colors and Hawaiian print – I had asked party guests to dress in Hawaiian print, their favorite Frozen gear, or whatever they enjoy wearing in the summer.

I saw the fabric for the above pillow at the last minute and made sure it was sized right for a toddler napping on the couch. But otherwise I’ll borrow it for a while – it fits my summery color scheme so well.


I had seen someone using this fabric on Facebook, and wanted it for the party – and got enough for a tablecloth that will keep the fun vibe all summer long.


No plans for activities – the kids did what they wanted. Parents talked, family chatted, 5-year-olds wreaked havoc on my son’s room, and all was right with the world.

I made sure I had Olaf noses (baby carrots) but frankly, none of the kids cared- they were there for cupcakes.



 Thanks to my friend Ash for taking one of these snaps for me!