I felt a little accomplished yesterday.

I watched the little line on my Any.Do list cross off item after item.

I was actually getting things done.


So many months I struggled with to-do lists, postponing, forgetting, re-prioritizing and watching anything with ‘me’ in it going to the side.

I’m on the fast track toward getting a new job now, so I know my time home if short, and I’d trying to keep in fast gear.

My schoolwork is actually getting done.

The dishes… are actually getting done.

I figured out I’m only three classes from finishing my certification, though I am taking a summer off due to lack of classes offered.


Wonder Boy is reading.

READING people.

We’d always let him take the lead in his education, after watching acquaintances shove in numbers and words and science as much as possible. We went to the museum, and when he had a question, we worked out best to answer it. He loves looking at maps, so we’d stop and talk about what was there.

And in maturity, and listening, and following directions – well, he still has a ways to go, but the two inches he grew was more in height in the last year.


And over the last year I have also accomplished a lot.

I had a definite vision of being 35 that never happened. I started of 35 definitely not feeling accomplished, even though I was working, and in school, and had nursed a baby to sleep for 14 months.

Well, I ditched the Band-Aid job that made me miserable so I could find a good one, letting go of a safety net for a solid foundation.

I aced that class. And am acing everything else I’m taking.

And my little mama’s boy gets more social and more adventurous every day – and has the bruises and scrapes to prove it.

I have had my bumps and bruises on my own path – the day I was so tired I scraped the side of the truck against a parking garage wall, the times I yelled in frustration, the burn marks on my arm that aren’t fading from a chaotic moment and a hot oven.

Another day, another list of things to do. Step by step, getting accomplished.