admiration flows both ways

Before our son was born, a good friend of Mr. Wonder came by and had dinner. See, this is one of the friends that we live vicariously through- he often gets so busy we don’t see him for weeks and weeks, so I start harassing him and bribing him with food to get him to come by. We’ll call him Mr. Almost Rock Star.
it’s not that he doesn’t like us, he is just that busy and cool.
He is the singer (and current bassist!) in a band, works retail while songwriting. Between gigs, partying, bar hopping, obsessed girlfriend and everything else in his life he doesn’t have much time for us at-home types.
Once Mr. Almost Rock Star came stressed about his love life, and instead of talking about it Mr. Wonder played video games and drank beer. It was refreshing to see them as they were when they were kids (they are each other’s oldest friend) relaxing and vegging out i front of a TV.
Well, back to that one night I wanted to talk about.
So Mr. Almost Rock Star came by and spent an hour or two catching us up on his life- all of the partying and quick trips to Vegas and L.A. and everything else he does while we laugh and enjoy his crazy storytelling and wild escapades. He enjoyed a few minutes of us talking about baby plans and Mr. Wonder’s work gossip about mutual friends.
After Mr. Almost Rock Star went to go take care of his momma’s dogs (he is a devoted son of a single mother) I mentioned to Mr. Wonder how I live vicariously through his exploits, never really been wild enough to make some of my own.
Mr. Wonder said that he had told Mr Almost Rock Star that same thing before, and that his good friend since childhood said hat he lives vicariously through our lives, quiet, secure, loving, and filled with peace.
I love my Wonder bread life.