Non dairy finds for the kind-of-non-dairy kind

So a couple weeks with my toddler on nothing dairy didn’t make any change at all. For the record, maybe a little TMI, we were trying a non-dairy diet because he’s always been a little lactose- intolerant, and I wanted to get his digestive system all primed up and ready to potty train. I know […]

The Pink List 4/13

Live and on the scene. Or not. I’ve been watching Youtube videos lately as I cleaned out my closet/pantry/kids laundry basket, with a couple new obsessions currently filtering through my stream. Number one – OH LOOK! I finally am giving a Youtube video channel a stab. This was inspired with my kids smoothies, of which […]

Dancing Moon Coffee

   Disclaimer: I received product to sample for this review. All opinions are my own, no other compensation was given.   I owe my survival of the last year and a half to coffee. This week I turned in the final paperwork for me to complete my credits and get a certificate in geographic information […]