Instead of tearing women down, lift boys up in public school

Ok, so this is a 2015 article. But I get it. You’re upset. I know other people feel this way. People who feel that anyone else striving for equality takes away their right as a person. That catering and supporting women in STEM gives you a disadvantage. So let’s talk about it., oh Brietbart writer. […]

In the name of health, I wear a FitBit

This post contains affiliate links. It’s 10:57 and I’m considering how I’m going to get my last 255 steps to get my goal for the day. I’m adding in the potential count on the stairs – which doesn’t always count as a  set of stairs because it has a turn int he middle that has […]

Plan for a Cheap Valentine’s Day Now

This posts contains affiliate links. I’m pretty easy when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I got trained on it after years of celebrating our dating anniversary just weeks before.  Sure, I love getting stuff for V-Day, but frankly, I’d rather feel loved often than one big show on a day. Some gentlemen, I know, may […]