Expo West 2017

I made it to Expo West a couple days this year, and a  still combing through all of the amazing information I gleaned from it. The organic market grew almost 8 percent last year, versus a more stagnant conventional food market, so there are a lot more products that are good choices for your family’s nutrition!

Expo West 2017

My younger went with me for one of the days and we used the courtyard to find out lunch. Cookies and yogurt for lunch? Sure! Chobani and Enjoy Life cookies here for him, Teas’ Tea in an unsweetened green tea for me.


Keep an eye on the blog for more features from find I saw there, but for now, here are some good trends anyone can get on board with, and a few of my favorite products to keep an eye out for.


Expo West Trends I Liked

Cactus Water – its cute, its pink, and has less calories and sugar than coconut water (not knocking coconut water). Three brands I saw were Caliwater, Nopal Water and Steaz even has a carbonated can of green tea and cactus water in a variety of flavors.  If you don’t like coconut water, which can taste nutty, this may be easier on your palate.


Probiotics – they’re getting more and more prolific, in vitamins, drinks, foods and pretty much anything you can think of. And that’s awesome, because use of probiotics help intestinal health, allowing the body to digest better, help with gastrointestinal issues and even help with depression and autism. Look for keifers, kombucha, yogurts, beverages, supplements and more.


Whole Milk products – I was raised on whole milk up through high school, and I was a lean machine then. Whole milk products can help you feel fuller, actually leading to eight loss – and organic whole milk products has awesome omega-3’s. I especially loved Tillamook’s Greek-style whole milk yogurt in Meyer Lemon Pear – and shout out to them for supporting WIC. I also appreciated a bottle of Siggi’s on a busy day running around to help satiate me until dinnertime.

Protein-packed products – there were a LOT of protein- packed snacks, powders, bars and more. Orgain, my perennial fave, has a new green tea latte protein flavor out, and even Burt’s Bees is getting in on the protein trend. There was also a lot of organic and grass-fed whey

Pulses – I saw a lot of pulses as protein sources, in snacks, or making pasta and main dishes protein packed and paleo and gluten-free friendly. The more I track my food the more I realize how many carbs are sneaking in my diet even though am trying to focus on protein, so adding these kinds of products, like Ancient Harvest and even the black bean rotini from Trader Joes, will help drop my carb intake to a better level.



Five of my Favorite Expo West finds

This was hard narrowing it down. SO HARD. There’s amazing products all over the place and so many people have different focuses, but these easily came to mind as ordinary purchases that can make a good change in your life.


Navitas has a product coming out that has superfoods, protein, probiotics and greens. Perfect with a smoothie, or with some unsweetened almond milk it would be a great supplement to the day.

I found a chocolate Perfect Bar in my bag when rummaging for a snack and it was divine. It’s sweetened with dates and honey, which are two of my smoothie go-to ingredients.

I tasted several divine teas, but the Numi teas were my favorite. Look at their line of holistic blends or grab an organic blend of your favorite.

Ozery Bakery has my favorite favorite muesli breakfast rounds, and were previewing a divine vegan brioche that will be I get my breakfast rounds at Sprouts, so keep watching there for deliciousness from them.

I’ve been using elderberry syrup to combat germs my youngest is bringing home with him, but my kids didn’t like my syrup’s taste. Nature’s Way has elderberry gummies that include Vitamin C and Zinc, which will shorten the duration of a cold.