Family time with great-grandma

I lost my grandfather when I was 34 weeks pregnant. My grandmother has been taking it well, but I have been learning more and more how much he did for her during their life together. She asked me to teach her how to pump gas, and my dad and Mr. Wonder have helped around the house for her.
Today I went over to help her decorate her Christmas tree. She had no idea how to hang the lights on the tree! I have always helped Mr. Wonder drape the lights around the tree.
I think it’s so sweet they took such good are of each other- my grandma does the housework, and cooked (well, my grandpa barbecued) and was in various social clubs. My grandpa was the breadwinner- and he was really smart with money, especially stocks and similar.
My maternal grandparents had a similar relationship,and I hope to emulate it with Mr. Wonder.
Sincerely, I do.