Five things I won’t share from Expo West

This post has been a while in the making.

I like to try out things before I give them a nod of approval. So much so, well, I made darn sure that I try them out before I recommend them to people.

Most of the stuff I found at ExpoWest I shared with family, since one of my main goals is to feed my family well as best as I can.
But these? These are for me. I hide them, refuse to share, and enjoy them for the benefits I get from them.
Because especially mom sometimes need to take care of themselves first.




You DON’T understand my obsession.

Right now I’m nearing the end of the tube, after using it in every trip to the shower since Expo West, and right now the raspberry is blending in with the other scents and it’s a fruit salad of amazing.

I’ve been using ONLY this in the shower, since I readily admit I don’t shower every day, and I scrub until the salt is dissolved and then I used the lightly foaming oil to shave.

I’m SO sold and it’s almost gone and its so sad. However, RIGHT NOW it’s on sale here. It’s totally worth it. Go get it.

I scared my husband while he scrolled through Facebook when I tried on this mask from 100 Percent Pure. This is only $7 and REUSABLE. Hello! It felt cool and refreshing, especially when I leaned back with some red wine. I love that it’s reusable, because I’m cheap, and it’s yellow, which is a second win.

It’s just not very attractive, so make sure you have some quiet time with this. Or, maybe you can use this as a deterrent?

I’m hoping to get some hands on their makeup – fruit-based makeup and BB cream!


I have issues with anemia, so after talking to the Vitamin Friends booth about my son’s digestion issues and our vitamin use, he handed me some kids iron just for me. vitamins I’ve been taking them and this is one of the months I’ve had more energy in a while. And they are pretty tasty! And the pictures are too cute. I love candy with nuts in it – enough that I am sad sometime for the bites of chocolate without nuts. Well, as their PR put it to me on Twitter, I found my True North. Lol. But looks at all of the nuts! nuts  

My water bottle pretty mush fell apart the week after Expo West, but luckily I had a Blender Bottle to back it up with. This Sport Mixer is awesome because I can use it for both blending powder drinks (like almond milk and protein powder) and it rinses super easy to  use for water the rest of the day.

This one is a bit of a lie because I abuse the kids to shake it for me AFTER I’ve tightly shoved the cap in. I don’t let them touch  it otherwise because they’ve taken out the little blendy ball thing and used it for catch.

Welcome to boy mom life.

What do YOU keep away from your kids?