Getting back in the game

I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked very hard for a job, but I have looked! Honest. There’s nothing out there. Besides, I don’t have any kind of breast milk freezer supply to fall back on if I started a job, so I would have to supplement.
I discovered while looking on a website for moms looking for jobs. I think it may fit the bill, even if it takes me some assignments to get back into shooting.
it is a website run by AOL to find freelance work- short articles for the website, photos to go along with articles, etc.
I’m going to get my camera professionally cleaned today (I talked to the camera store, they think it’s my sensor) and then start getting my gear again to organize shooting again. They have some food photos they need (a plate of french fries, etc.) that, even if I don’t get picked, I can practice on so I understand the process. Hey, it could be an extra $25 or so a month, maybe more if I actually have assignments picked on a regular basis.
Hopefully it will work out so I can make a little bit of extra money- Diapers are expensive.