Greetings and Saluations

said Christian Slater in his role as J.D. in the movie ‘Heathers’.
Welcome to my new project, a blog about my life, my family, and the people, objects, and events that affect and inspire me.
I am Mrs. Wonder, a smaller-town girl born and raised in sunny southern California, married to Mr. Wonder for 4 years and mother to a 7-week-old son. I am currently a stay-at-home-mom, and Mr. works on cars for a living.
I had considered doing a blog after giving birth to my son. I had kept another one for family and friends to read- well, I think one friend read it- but it was worth it as a means of expressing pride, releasing stress, and keeping people in the know about how my pregnancy and afterwards went.
I want now to broaden my horizons- I have a degree in photojournalism, and spent a few months working for a small-town paper before my pregnancy. I enjoyed the writing process, and decided I needed to keep up my skills by blogging regularly.
I’m hoping this blog will evolve into something strong, creative, and appreciated, even if it is just by myself.