Im Not Throwing Away My Shot

Once upon a time I was a photojournalist.

That was before kids.

Some examples of that past life here. 

I hadn’t thought having kids would change it quite the way it had. I had always imagined still going on safaris and adventures and coming home to a loving family.

I know it can be done, but the women I follow of National Geographic chose families of pandas and elephants and nations of the world instead of their own flesh and blood.

I still took photos when my eldest was little, photographing him month by month and trying to balance camera gear with diaper bags.

It fell by the wayside when my second was born. Somehow, my brain was so attuned to them I couldn’t focus on the photography.

I struggled. I missed shots. I bonked my kids in the head with my trusty 100-300 lens.

We’ve had quite the last couple of years, and a promise I made myself was to photograph more. Now that I didn’t have to carry a diaper bag, no that my kids reasonably stayed together and kind of out of trouble.

It’s still hard to shoot around them, but I am starting to squeeze in little pieces of time.

A big purchase I did for myself was to buy a Woodstock Kelly Moore backpack. I use it in my daily life but it also has an insert for photo equipment.planner and under my makeup bag, my camera can reside safe and snug.

Years ago i had made an account on the National Geographic website. I have gotten the magazine as a gift since I was 18 and thrill to see the images within.

I recently updated my online profile. My goal is to download a few photographs each week to the site, participate in a few assignments.

I am only a week or so into this so bear with me, but I hope to make it a habit.

And I am just photographing what’s in front of me, no more waiting for a zoo trip or a special excursion to bring my camera. And making sure I can make magic with what I’ve got.