I’m supposed to be cleaning

cause I have a friend coming over, but after sending the link to this blog to someone I realized I hadn’t written in days.
I have been contemplating things to do, projects, to either make a small amount of cash or SOMETHING besides just caring for a baby and cooking.
There is a huge crochet baby hat trend online right now, just take a gander at Etsy to see it.
So I COULD jump on that wagon, but it would have to be original. I have a couple ideas. Girls have such cute hats, I need to make boy ones. Plus, I think Wonder Boy needs more hats. He has, like, two. So even if I am not crafty enough to make them desirable to buy, I will have a son with cute hats.
I also like embroidery.
This is a thought, but every year, I resolve to make Christmas presents and every year it gets derailed. I made my brother his birthday present this year and they turned out great, so I need to keep it up, but I don’t have the free hands and lap time I could need- there’s always a baby in them.