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Megan McClain (aka Mrs. Wonder) is a lifelong resident of the same little town in sunny Southern California where she married her high school sweetheart and had two little boys.

Ten years on the color guard gave her a chance to travel internationally, performing in the London New Year’s Parade for the millenium and standing under Big Ben as the clock struck midnight. The back of her head was also in a Savage Garden music video.

Her degree in photojournalism from CSU Fullerton took her on an adventure from substitute teaching to working as a reporter and photographer.

After leaving her job as a reporter covering education, social events, features, family and front page news,  she started blogging while pregnant to maintain her writing skills.

She just finished getting a certificate in Geographic Information Systems from a local community college and is embarking on a new life adventure, hoping to provide for her family.

Several incarnations resulted in her current site Sunshine Wonderland. There she has discussed house, home and family; life after a cesarean; the color yellow, children’s music and eating with toddlers in restaurants; zombies and her favorite movies.

She is fan of 90’s alternative and grunge music and adores the movies Legend, The Lost Boys, Cleopatra, The Women (the original)  and Enchanted. When she feels cool she watches a friend’s band play locally, when she feels dorky she stays home and plays video games.

She is a proud founder of SoCal Lady Bloggers, created after the 2011 BlogHer conference in San Diego, to help Southern CA women bloggers support each other and make local blogging friends (since stepped down from leadership.)

Currently she is raising two small boys while juggling a fledgling writing career and going back to school to pursue a GIS certification.

She loves Twitter and Facebook and is finding new things to put on her Pinterest.

She enjoys reading, spaghetti, sunsets at the beach, unicorns and the color yellow.

Megan has worked with brands such as Dannon, Dapper Snappers, Straw-lution, Ruby’s Studio, Fox Home Entertainment, Disney Junior, Hasbro Studios and Ella’s Kitchen.

Sunshine Wonderland discloses and follows FTC guidelines.



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