Just another Monday

It is a sunny beautiful Monday.

Wonder Boy is napping in his swing.
Wonder Dog is catnapping in the sun, and I have gotten to take a shower and throw a load of laundry in the washing machine.
Toys and receiving blankets litter the living room- I already did a sweep and found all of the widely-strewn blankets and put them in the laundry for the next. load. We use them for everything, and it shows.
I would have prepped some dinner, but we are eating out-Thai- tonight in honor of a family birthday.
Monday is the day I totally try to get my act together while I can. The weekend is family time and events, so I don’t really get to clean, although it would be a good time since we have two sets of hands for Wonder Boy on the weekend, Instead, we make more mess since we are enjoying being together.
Monday is the day I try to plan ahead for meals, look at coupons I have clipped (I am trying to be very industrious about that since we have added expenses right now) and get laundry done.
I am also reorganizing the living room today, since we have added to our baby arsenal and have finally gotten rid of our Christmas tree, allowing room for the beloved jungle play mat in a place where I won’t accidentally trip on it.
I am bad at being a homemaker, having a somewhat short attention span and usually half cleaning things because there is SO much to be done I start on something else, but I enjoy being home, cooking and caring for my family.
Other than the weekends, when Mr. Wonder is home for two glorious days of being with the ones I love morning, noon and night, I love Mondays.