My New Year’s resolution-two weeks in

So, a whole two weeks into the new year, and I have crock potted three times. Yep, three.
That’s twice in one week, and another one this week.
I think it will eventually die out, since I never finish my resolutions, but this one at least could have endurance.
Last week I made pot roast (of course) and this, white bean and apple chili.
The apple chili didn’t come out half as good as I thought it would.
I misread and therefore did not gt the yogurt for the crock pot. I didn’t want to substitute sour cream, so I just left it out and then put a dollop of sour cream on top.I had made the chili to serve with shredded chicken since I need lots of protein.
It was very onion-ish in my mind. I really wanted it to be more apple-y. I think if I had skipped the onion it would be better for eating with chicken, maybe I will try it someday. Right now I have leftovers in my fridge, mocking my inability to throw food out.
This week is London broil. I adore this over rice with the sauce.
I am not the only one I know that adores a slow cooker. My very very good friend spent her college time in Michigan using one, and I’ve heard Mr. Almost Rock Star tell about his and his girlfriend’s exploits with making a pot roast (he forgot the seasonings, and it wasn’t ready until 10 p.m. or so. I have no idea why it was started so late.)
My other, unspoken, resolution is to clip more coupons. This is because, even though I know it’s not going to work financially, I REALLY want to be a stay-at-home mom. So I’m working at saving money even more than what habits I had before (try to buy on sale, use store brand, do a lot of cooking,etc.)
So far, I have a fat stack of them for stuff I don’t need. I clipped them, picking things I do use or would like to try, but I don’t really need any of it yet.
So they sit, unused. I’m trying to build a grocery list around a couple of them