On which Wonder Boy is the star of the show

The youngest child in our branch of my side of the family is in his mid 20’s. So when Wonder Boy came, “and there was much rejoicing… yay.”
Not only dealing with my son being the first grandchild and great-grandchild on my side of the family but the first grandson on Mr. Wonder’s, this Christmas was a busy one.
Christmas eve was probably the most trying. The family we visited ‘took over’ Wonder Boy, which was fine as long as he was happy.
I guess I am a rare new mother- I don’t mind if he gets passed around and held while I get to enjoy having my arms free. But when I can tell my child need something, like to sleep, and you refuse to let me take him over when I come over and offer to take him because he is fussing, well yes, I will get frustrated.
No amount of walking, pacifier, or handing him over the moment he is kind of quiet will fix him being sleepy. i was really upset when he started fussing he was passed over to someone with little child experience (much like myself up until a couple of months ago!) so of course he gets cranky and their first time holding him was a fitful crying mess.
But that was only Christmas Eve. And after he had woken up from his quick nap, Wonder Boy was again happy and charming as always. As he was on Christmas Day.
He scored a lot too. Well, I guess we scored a lot. He really is too young to get excited over certain toys.
Except- the play gym his great-grandmother got him. Everyone crowded around to watch him kick around while staring at the little lights. For about 20 minutes. It was a really good family moment. It’s amazing how entertaining babies are, and how they bring together family.