Our Favorite Podcasts

We’re big fans of podcasts in my car.

We listen to several, and errands around town or a longer drive always turns into throwing on a saved podcast from my phone.

They’re time savers, they’re brain savers, and often it prompts critical thinking and discussions when faced with a question or cliffhanger.

Have you ever tried podcasts?



Science and Critical Thinking

Brains On! is a science podcast that features a ‘mystery sound’ connected to the topic that always gets us guessing in the car. There’s even a whole episode devoted to mystery sounds! My eldest’s favorite episode is the one on video game music.

Wow In The World hosts Guy Raz (NPR) and Mindy Thomas (Kids Place Live) are epically ridiculous. It took me a couple episodes to get into it but the boys adored it from the beginning.

Smash Boom Best debates between two items with several rounds, encouraging listeners to take down their own score. The boys and I usually disagree.

The Show About Science this one has a young boys as a host with an amazing set of podcast guests and scientific topics.

Serialized fiction and stories

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is our family favorite. Several seasons have gone by in this set of stories that have many links to modern and classic literature (bonus points if you know your Shakespeare)

Eleanor Amplified a good kid-paced mystery with some ridiculous circumstances. They took their entire first season and made one episode of the entire story for long trips.

Story Pirates with ideas and stories by kids, its pretty silly and cute

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel is for older elementary but is suitable for younger ones, just a tad dramatic.

Storynory is more of a classic storytime audio goldmine. Perfect for preschool and playtime.

This Podcast Has Fleas features a dog and cat, each with their own podcast. One is way more technically advanced, but its not the main storyteller of this podcast.

Life Skills

Peace Out has saved my life more than  once, as it teaches mindfulness and breathing that has helped with anxiety, falling asleep and other issues.

Pickle discusses philosophical questions at an elementary level, like when is it OK to tattle and discussing different lifestyle choices by exploring ancient Rome.



Do you listen to podcasts? Were always looking for new ones. Share which ones you all listen to!

To find more podcasts, check out bestrobotever.com, NPR, and app.kidslisten.org .