The Pink List 12/30


I finished college, y’all. And still I will be learning. I have a pile of websites to consider as I learn some coding and go over concepts my community college education didn’t investigate thoroughly. Check out my portfolio for changes in the coming weeks as I publish new projects there.

New Year’s Eve calls for deep introspective thoughts.


Self portrait, totally un-airbrushed and natural light, as Ana Lydia would want. Click pic for her blog – she’s also a college student aiming for documentary filmmaking.


I completely fulfilled my purpose of heading in a new direction, and I will be posting my word for 2016 in a couple of days, probably. I’m really excited about it.

See a slight difference in the blog? It started with an affinity to the colors of 2016 by Pantone. I’ve always felt called to rose quartz.

It is based on gemstones and my mad editing skills, along with a free glittery icon set. I loved my old site but it felt really modern and formal – I needed a little change. Opals are my birthstone so I was excited to find a texture that mimicked my favorite.

I got a copy of a biomimicry book for Christmas and I can’t wait to read it. I haven’t had time to totally read a new book except for textbooks for a while, and I love the concept of using nature as inspiration. More than just in architecture and planning, but consider the redwoods with your business plan. Look it up and you’ll sound exceedingly fancy at the next playdate/party.

I’m hoping to get back into the movie night swing of things in part with my new word for the year. I need to make some of these pizza and popcorn recipes.

I’m working to control my anxiety (I haven’t discussed all of that a lot here) and picked up for myself a bracelet with a diffuser and a bottle of the ‘Peace‘ oil. I am not sure about my oil choice, since I tend to lean to lavender and florals, but the bracelet isn’t bad (I’ll be mentioning it again soon I’m sure, but make sure the clasp on the bead totally snaps).