Pink List 9/23

… Well, maybe picking Wednesdays was a bad idea. Or a good idea. I haven’t decided yet.

It’s barely still Wednesday in California, but I promise, Ive been busy in good ways.


I’m all about podcasts right now, and one my son listens to over and over is the video game music episode from Brains On! Do yourself a favor, if you have elementary school kids, download a couple for car rides. Don’t worry, the mystery sound will surprise you too.

Julie Andrews. Cinderella. All I can say is I’m craving a good waltz.

I was going to totally do a movie night and grab a recipe from my handy-dandy pizza and popcorn Pinterest board today, but instead I took the boys to a local brewery to see a rock band play. Inside Riot has friends of ours in it and the boys jammed the entire time we were there, using me as a drum set occasionally.  Let your kids support the local arts, take them to places surrounded by beer and loud music and let them be ridiculous. That’s good parenting.

I know I got into journalism because I love to know about people. I am inherently nosy, and love to hear stories. So when I started this new path in school, it turned into asking why people were getting into the map-tech realm because there were SO many different backgrounds. This is an excellent video for anyone who loves Humans of New York, and loves hearing people talk about themselves.


It was my brother’s birthday this week. It had been to long since I Hodor’d* him. In his honor…


I will be a ShiftCon this weekend, so check out #ShiftCon and #ShiftHappens to get a glimpse into what’s going on. I am getting up to do a 6 a.m. yoga class, so look out for the coffee emoji Friday all over my feed. I hope there’s LOTS of coffee.


 * “Hodoring” is a made up verb of spamming my brother with anything Hodor themed or meme’d because it is all glorious and ridiculous. I happily accept any and all Hodoring.