Rainy days

I am a quintessential southern California girl in that I am solar charged.

Even when I left the hospital when I had Wonder Boy, I could feel the energy of the sun on my skin and just felt more awake and happy.

I have now, what, a week or rain ahead of me? Rainy days always leave me sleepy or sad. Mr. Wonder loved it when we visited Oregon a couple of summers ago- it was very beautiful, and I loved it too, but I couldn’t take a winter of grey.
I am also dragging because Wonder Boy hasn’t slept through the night the last three nights. One night was after driving an hour-and-a-half to visit some friends at Long Beach and not coming home until 12:30 a.m. (Wonder Boy is often in bed around 11 p.m.)
Yes, we were up until 2 that night since he had slept in the car both ways- he was nowhere near tired.
I am so thankful that the local percipitation is just over a foot a year, although it also means for storms like what we are having today in my area, all of the people driving either speed like hell or drive 5 miles an hour because of the massive street flooding.
A good day to stay home and snuggle- too bad I can’t nap!