STEM-ing it in college

Back when I got my degree, I was a tech-y of sorts.

Digital photography was starting to take off, but I couldn’t shake that brilliant gleam of white when the spectrum went a little to bright.

I still think film did it best.

I’ve been the computer software person in the home for years now, making sure things get updated, cleared out… I learned HTML while building my own blog and learned digital design trends, built QR codes while creating business cards and then have used all of these ideas while working on my new career.

I’m a year in, anxiously awaiting the last of my spring grades while getting a summer assignment that is sightly harder than anything I’ve done.

I’m using words like spatial analysis and query, and so busy trying to lean in this new direction.

Where am I right now anyway? I feel like I am in the middle of no where and everywhere.

I am having an identity crisis at 35.

In the last year I went from SAHM to working school girl.

I am spending my time this summer mapping vegetation, learning Python code writing and finding work.

In my spare time, I reach out to anyone who I can learn from, work for, work with, or just get to know.

2/3 of my emails have been to women.

When I started this crazy process last year I knew I had to go somewhere else.

But, to find that somewhere I am becoming a new person.

One a little more techy, one a little more self-absorbed, one that isn’t even thinking about playing with that beat-up Holga and film like I once did. I need more film anyway.

One who lives with the iPhone in her hand and folders devoted to EdX and my college, computer programs, beta testing and Reddit.

Always busy.

Of course, the answer to this problem is in a project I completed this semester. Remind me to make a nice one for my wall.