Affordable Summer Fun and Adventures

This post contains affiliate links. Adding onto my new little summer series, today we’re talking about ways to have a LOT of fun, affordably, this summer break. Summer Movie Series We’ll be going to our local Harkins every Monday to enjoy the AC and watch a summer movie.  Harkins has 10 movies for $5, and […]

The Pink List 10/21

Irregular Choice has some amazing shoes that are probably more for someone with crazy style – but hey, I’d try to figure out some fashion to go with the R2-D2 shoes if they come out (haven’t actually SEEN them yet.) I cannot handle another Indiana Jones movie. Either let it go or bring in a […]

I went to the ‘Murder Capital of the World’ and all I got was a mug.

Not really. But really, I went there. I spent the weeks before vacation asking my husband, ‘Do you want to do this? Do you want to do that?’ And he always answered, ‘I don’t care.’ What happens when my husband gives me full control of vacation? A long drive up the coast, nausea from the […]