The busy Christmas season

(Taken with my cell phone. I need to shoot some with my good camera today.)

Since I was mostly home with my son this year, I decided to try online shopping. I usually avoid it, because you can’t really see what it is you are buying (except for the small picture), can’t touch, etc. You have to trust your impression of it is the same as the real thing.
I had ordered some clothes from Old Navy and Gap after Wonder Boy came to expand my wardrobe to include some nursing clothes. I ordered a variety- two tanks, one from Old Navy and one from Gap, along with Gap short sleeved and three-quarter-length sleeved black shirts. I also ordered a casual dress and a yellow-striped shirt.
I immediately sent back one of the shirts along with the dress and Old Navy tank, because the Gap shirt didn’t fit well ad the Old Navy clothes were too big. Apparently, the company has made their clothing bigger again, so now I am a large again there.
Makes me feel good:)
However, it took for-ev-er to get the clothes back- they had them all within a week of me sending it back, and it took them a MONTH for me to receive them.
I was appalled. I ordered stuff after they received the first order for Christmas presents, and they still sent those first.
So no more clothes shopping online for me, I guess.
However, with the rest of the purchases, I had pretty god luck. I piled on orders at Amazon and abused the free shipping to get almost all of the presents (I just filled in holes with a trip to Williams-Sonoma when my mom and I went Christmas shopping/ visiting Santa. I worked on everyone but Mr. Wonder’s parents, since they usually just want gift cards.
I also baked cookies for my mom to take to her part-time job for her coworkers. I ended up making a couple batches after giving Wonder Boy a dose of Tylenol- he received his two-month shots yesterday and was grumpy and sore after sleeping the first couple of hours. So now I am tired, but I am not one of those runing around trying to finish Christmas presents, haha.
I just have to go get diapers, ugh.