The end of 2017

Not to say I’m sorry about it.

I know a lot of people that shut the door on 2017’s butt on the way out and not by accident.

2017 was way more complicated that I thought. I mean, I can’t even remember my Word Of The ear – I had to go on the blog to think of it at all.


Creating looked more like surviving.

I dropped the ball on several things. I’m not balancing things the way I feel I should, and giving anything attention takes it away from others. And that is a guilt I am trying to figure out.

I got a temp job in the field of choice this year, which is why there was radio silence. Every minute not working or driving the hour back and forth was taking care of family and kids. Family including those not residing under our roof as well. We were stretched pretty thin for several months and I think the holiday break has helped us slow down.

We also had a major occurrence in our lives – we were able, with a little help, to refinance our house and settle all of our debt but the mortgage. We’ve been held heavy under a lot of debt that we couldn’t do anything about. Now, we have the chance to figure out how were doing the rest of it. We’re not comfortable yet, but that is a goal I have with athletic kids who play baseball and want to try other things.

This space, I’m not sure what to do with it yet. I ran across my facebook post from Jan 1 of 2017 that was talking about how serious I wanted to make this place.

Well that went south fast.

I miss the chances at free tickets, attending things and a chance to look at product, but frankly, blogging is exhausting and I’m tired of faking entrepreneurship.

I keep thinking about the days in early blogging where people just wrote. I’m hoping to ‘reclaim my time’ here and just do the kind of writing I started doing a few years go – all those blog posts that got accidentally deleted.

So, on to 2018.

I am not really making any resolutions. Sure, I added a hopeful goal of 20 books on Goodreads, hoping to finish the new Star Wars canon by end of this year. I’ve already read Phasma so it’s a decent goal.

But other than that? Just all the things I did NOT do last year, or really the year before.

We’ll see if I finally lose this weight, get the house redone a bit.

I want some cheap patio furniture to make sure I go out in the backyard more often.

The last few years I’ve always hoped this was the year for a good job – I’m really crossing my fingers now on this one. Its beyond time and I spend my free time trying to make my self look better for recruiters – and constantly changing myself.

Job hunting is exhausting and I am tired of changing resumes because, darn it, all those skills should apply.

I still don’t eat enough plants for my goals, but the basic survival mode we have with my gone three days a week just makes the Costco frozen section good friends. I mean beyond the mini guacamole onto giant bags of frozen veggies so i’m never without, and planning more than two days in a row so I stop panicking Wednesday when I get to work and there is no plan. It’s unattractive.


I did do one big thing for me today. I ordered a Kelly Moore camera backpack that I’ve been crushing on because it holds gear AND stuff I carry every day. I’m hoping to get my 12-year-old camera cleaned professionally and I plan  on starting to carry it more often and use more than my phone to snap slices of life. My camera finger is pretty twitchy.

Best wishes for 2018.