Why get done up when no one is home to admire you?

Here I am with one of the hardest things to apply in my makeup drawer (I have a whole drawer because I never toss anything makeup. Well, I have done it, but I don’t like to).
My MAC Liquidlast eyeliner in inkspill. This was yesterday’s look.
Yesterday I tried the eye liner, thinking it would make me feel good and confident. Well, by the end of the day I wasn’t feeling very happy. No one was around to notice my fine eyes! They took me forever, since I don’t have a steady hand and hardly any experience applying it (this is my first liquid liner I’ve owned) but I guess the practice was good for the next time.
I never was much of a makeup person. My mom, who used to do small-time runway modeling in college, was very laid back in makeup, as was some of the girls who grew up in the 60’s.
I wasn’t allowed to shave my legs until halfway through 7th grade. Yeah, and we had to wear shorts in P.E. At least I was already a dork, so it just added onto that status, instead of creating it.
*back to subject*
My biggest makeup education was through color guard. Line the entire upper eyelid, half of the lower, just like everyone else. Pull your finger through your lips to keep lipstick off of your teeth. And glitter.
My later 90’s girls will remember the wonder that was glitter.
Everyone used glitter, on their cheeks, on their eyes. Out of those tubs of gel that had the fine iridescent glitter in it.
I even wore glitter to my senior portraits. I didn’t think of how it really wouldn’t show, but just a little did and it made my eyes look really cool.
My Orange County friend had a massive collection of those stackable eye glitter makeup that she had in her makeup bag. And hardly never used. I think she just liked looking at them.
Most of my friends were like that… the ones who were performers like me, going crazy for performances, but otherwise mascara and lip balm girls.
They still are. One red-headed friend only wears black eyeliner on her doe-like brown eyes. Another never wears foundation.
I like to get done up- I will for parties and going out (purple eyeshadow or eyeliner is a big favorite) but for day to day, it’s often the aforementioned mascara and lip balm.
I promised myself just because I became a mom I would not let myself go, that I would make an effort to look nice everyday, whether or not I was going out.
And again, I hit the grocery store this morning in air dried hair (by the way, my hair does not do the Alice Cullen thing, just a weird wave that sticks out on one side of my head. I have a very stubborn cowlick) and no makeup and a sweater thrown over a nursing tank.